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Amber Ridge Maple

500 mL Glass Bottle

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This 500 mL bottle makes a beautiful gift.


This 500 mL bottle makes a beautiful gift.
*Glass bottles are available in Amber Rich grade only


100% Pure Maple Syrup

Put it On

Coffee, milkshakes, ice cream, cereal, oatmeal, glazes, sauces, or on top of salmon, pancakes, waffles, French toast or anything you fancy. A little bit of maple makes any dish better :-)


Your order will ship out within 24 hours, we ship M-F and you will receive tracking updates delivered to your email or text messages (if enabled). We can ship to most of the US within 5 business days.

Return policy

We will provide a refund for any packages that may have been damaged in shipping. If you do not want the syrup anymore, perhaps there is someone you can gift it to, or send it back and we will provide a refund.

Highest Quality Organic Maple Syrup Available

Now shipping 2023 syrup made fresh in the mountains of Vermont with the cleanest facilities and only the best techniques for preserving the woods for sustainable production of maple syrup