• sap lines running to maple trees under vacuum

    Sap Lines

    It all starts in the woods with the maple tree. Each tree will get a tap run to it using 5/16" sap lines which run into larger 'wet lines' that go all the way back to a releaser.

  • maple sugaring releaser


    These mechanical releasers enable us to keep vacuum on the whole sugar woods while still being able to collect the sap and pump it into large holding tanks.

  • new reverse osmosis machine

    Reverse Osmosis

    This machine takes out op to 80% of water contained within sap to change the sugar content from 1-2% up to 18-22% sugar content which is an enormous efficiency gain.

  • Steam Away

    We use three stacks coming out of the sugar house. One is for smoke from the burner, next is the steam from the evaporator, and another for the steam from our finishing pan.

  • Evaporator

    Using an evaporator we boil the sweetened sap to finish it off and get to 67% sugar content. The evaporator here uses a steam away which puts fine bubbles into the sap.

  • Filter Press

    When syrup is made at ~219 degrees. This machine is used to filter any impurities out of the newly made syrup using high pressure and very fine filters.