Holiday Gifts and Woods Work

There's not much sweeter than the gift of maple syrup! Whether its to re stock your fridge or stocking stuffer's for co worker,s we have it ready to ship.  Thanks to all who have placed orders this holiday season already.  We truly appreciate it. We will also have a new product coming: Whiskey Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.  It will likely be in three sizes of glass bottles and be certified organic.  We are working on the art work now and the syrup is aging in the barrel right now! It will also be in our local stores so you'll see it around VT by spring time. As far as preparations for the upcoming sugaring season go, we were dealt a real blow back on October 29 when 125 mile per hour winds hit our area.  Our sugarwoods was in the path of the strongest winds and it did some real damage to our infrastructure.  We have had three people working daily on cutting up downed trees and getting lines back in the air. We are hoping to finish next week.  There are areas so bad that we just stopped our mainlines short and are not going to even tap the trees left.  Unfortunately it has been a costly clean up and had really put the pressure on us to finish the remainder of the projects we have planned before January.  It'll be tough but we need to replace at least 4000 more drop lines, install  manifolds in our new section of tubing, and install our new vacuum sensors throughout the woods.  We also need to finish plumbing our new pump house and get our 200 KW backup generator wired up, among many other smaller projects.  It'll be a challenge but we always seem to be in this situation every year and end up getting things done.  When you don't have any option but to complete your tasks, you always find a way to make it happen!  Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.
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