End of Summer Update

Its been a fairly busy off season here in Underhill.  The usual syrup deliveries, bottling days, and syrup sales have been strong thanks to all of our great customers.  Thanks to everyone who has purchased syrup.  Please support the local businesses that support us.  Before the summer ends be sure to stop at Paul Mazzas Farm stand and buy some great fruit and produce, and be sure to stop into Allenholm Farm to pick apples and have the states best Maple Creemee.  While you are out and about shopping and fueling up, look for our syrup in Hannafords and Jolley convenience stores. We have also been very busy in the woods this year installing 3500-4000 taps which we have almost finished.  We are also going to be replacing around 11,000 old dirty drop lines this fall.  We will be taking out any remaining two tap trees while doing so, which will probably be a reduction of 500 or so taps. Dad has been busy repairing and fixing up some of our woods roads which was really needed to make access easier and to reduce erosion. We've also replaced our "temporary" pump house building with a new 20'x28' pump house with nice finished concrete.  It is being built right now by my good friend Griffyn Koski with Landmark Builders.  This was a much needed upgrade to get our tanks inside and insulated so that when we make syrup in mid winter we don't have everything freeze up on us. We will also have a new electronic float to turn on and off  our 5 HP pump that pumps 380 feet up over a hill back to the sugarhouse.  We had a ton of problems with this last season and this should take care of those issues.  I'll post a pic when its all set up and finished. The final big thing going on is that we have ordered 135 or so vacuum sensors from CDL.  Everything that runs directly to the sugarhouse will be monitored.  This will allow us to know exactly where our leaks are and hopefully decrease our work load and increase production. Keep checking in as we ramp up things headed into winter.  Hard to believe but its not too far away now.
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