We produce all of the syrup we sell. We never buy syrup as we are capable of producing more than we retail. This is not always the case in the maple industry. Conversely, we are not a large company with employees doing the work for us. This ensures everything we produce is with care.

We are certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. This means each year our sugarhouse and woods are inspected to ensure that we are using all food grade materials, maintain a safe and clean sugarhouse, and manage our sugarwoods to maintain a healthy ecosystem. We also keep detailed production records of all syrup produced, we can tell you the exact date that every gallon was produced.

All of our equipment is on the cutting edge of the maple syrup equipment technology. It is all food grade, and ensures that we produce the highest quality maple syrup possible. It also allows us to produce syrup more efficiently, using less fuel per gallon of syrup produced. We use firewood harvested from our forest for fuel. This is a green renewable resource and much healthier for our environment than foreign oil.

Our families have lived in Vermont for generations and have been making maple syrup in Northern Vermont for just as long.